Land Tenure

It is not practical to hold freehold tenure for the development and operation of most resources and infrastructure projects in Western Australia.  These projects will generally need a combination of leases, easements, licences and industry specific titles, such as mining tenements.  Often more than one regulatory regime will be relevant to securing your project tenure and in some cases a State Agreement may be required for your project.

We can help you to identify the best Crown land tenure and access rights for your project and assist you to obtain those interests.  Depending on the purpose for your land access needs, you may need to secure different types of tenure, engage with different government agencies and work within different land regimes.  You may also need to obtain consents from existing interest holders and relevant statutory authorities.  We can help to obtain consents, review and advise on changes to tenure documents and register any registrable tenure to protect your interests.

We can assist in all aspects of managing land access negotiations with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Corporations and compliance with the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth), including negotiation and drafting of heritage protection agreements, future act agreements and indigenous land use agreements.  We are experienced in advising on the impact of native title claims and determinations on onshore and offshore projects from both an operations and finance perspective.

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